Bereshit Crafts

Creation Panels

Materials List

Each of the panels are one day of creation. You can also do one large panel from a sheet of butcher paper. Decorate them as you and your class feels. If you have a large class, have teams work on each day then assemble the project at the end.

Day 1
Divide the sheet in half
blend paint dark to light and light to dark

Day 2
Sky – this is a wonderful one to do with sponges and paint – shades of blue and white clouds.

Day 3
Trees and flowers – you can do this as a collage with some real elements such as grass and flowers.

Day 4
Lights in the sky – we have them in the day with the sun and at night with the moon and stars.

Day 5
Fish and birds – Fun to do with sponge cut outs of fish and birds or use pictures as a

Day 6
Animals and people – Great when done as a collage of photos.

Day 7
Shabbat – Draw different items we use on Shabbat, like candle sticks and challah. You can also cut out Jewish stars for the kids to decorate and paste onto the panel.