What is Yizkor?

Yizkor means “remembrance” in Hebrew and most commonly refers to memorial prayer services held four times a year during Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot. Jewish people believe in the eternity of the soul. It is common belief that by saying Yizkor, remembering a loved one and giving charity in a loved one’s name helps his or her soul gain merit from our good deeds. Reciting Yizkor may also serve as a very important and reflective time for individuals honoring and commemorating loved ones.

When do you say Yizkor?

Yizkor is said on the first holiday after an individual passes away. Synagogues hold Yizkor services four times a year:


If you do not belong to a synagogue or cannot attend services, the Yizkor service and prayers can be said privately at your home.

Here is our Yizkor Guide


Passover Shavuot Yom Kippur Shemini Atzeret
2018 April 7 
(In Israel, April 6)
May 21 
(In Israel, May 20)
September 19 October 1
2019 April 27 
(In Israel, April 26)
June 10 
(In Israel, June 9)
October 9 October 21
2020 April 16
(In Israel, April 15)
May 30
(In Israel, May 29)
September 28 October 10
2021 April 4
(In Israel, April 3)
May 18
(In Israel, May 17)
September 16 September 28
2022 April 23
(In Israel, April 22)
June 6
(In Israel, June 5)
October 5 October 17
2023 April 13
(In Israel, April 12)
May 27
(In Israel, May 26)
September 25 October 7
2024 April 30 
(In Israel, April 29)
June 13 
(In Israel, June 12)
October 12 October 24
2025 April 20 
(In Israel, April 19)
June 3 
(In Israel, June 2)
October 2 October 14