Maimoides’ Eight Degrees of Tzedakah

  1.  The person who gives reluctantly and with regret.
  2. The person who gives graciously, but less than one should.
  3. The person who gives what one should, but only after being asked.
  4. The person who gives before being asked.
  5. The person who gives without knowing whom one gives, although the recipient knows the identity of the donor.
  6. The person who gives without making one’s identity known.
  7. The person who gives without knowing to whom one gives. The recipient does not know from whom he receives.
  8. The person who helps another to support oneself by a gift, loan, or by finding employment for the person, thus helping that person to become self-supporting.

Things to remember:

  1. The dignity of the poor must always be respected.
  2. Helping people to help themselves is the greatest form of tzedakah.