Shabbat Songs

This is a collection of songs for Shabbat that are traditionally done at the Friday night service. Akhlah would like to thank Leah Cassorla for singing them and allowing us to use them. All of the songs are MP3 format and should be compatible with most systems.

singing candle cartoon
Adon Olam (1.28Mb)
Alenu (Short Version) (2.28Mb)
Alenu (Long Version) (2.75Mb)
Barhu (Call to Worship) (440Kb)
Hatzi Kaddish (1.33Mb)
Havu Ladonai (1.52Mb)
Kiddush For Shabbat (1.75Mb)
Leha Dodi (3.14Mb)
Ma Tovu (612Kb)
Magen Avot (1.47Mb)
Mi Hamoha (1.01Mb)
Shema (417Kb)
Shalom Alechem (1.29Mb)
Torah Service (5.58Mb)
Tzadik Katammar (1.03Mb)
Veshamru (1.78Mb)
Yedid Nefish (1.36Mb)