Welcome to your Hanukkah Quiz

1) What is the Hanukkah “candelabra” called?
2) If you played dreidel in Israel the letters on the dreidel would stand for:
3) Name the military leader of the first phase of the revolt against the King in 167 BCE:
4) What traditional Hanukkah dish is the Jewish version of potato pancakes?
5) Hanukkah lasts for how many days?
6) Doughnuts, usually jelly-filled ones, fried in oil and eaten on Hanukkah are called:
7) What type of oil was used in the menorah?
8) The “helper” candle on the menorah is called:
9) What town was the Maccabbee family from?
10) What was the main thing prohibited by Antiochus?
11) In 1958, what country's national bank created special coins to be used as Hanukkah "Gelt"?
12) The Greek king at the time of the Hanukkah story was:
13) The Hanukkah miracle happened:
14) How many candles does the Hanukkah “candelabra” hold?
15) Other than the first night, how many blessings are said when lighting Hanukkah candles?