This week in Jewish history

October 7

Germany decreed that passports of Jews were to be marked with a “J”, 1939.

Hundreds of Jews in Cracow were killed during Hakafot, 1555.

October 8

Nazi pogrom against the Jews of Lodz, 1939.

October 9

Israeli navy acquired its first submarine, 1958.

Major attack in the Negev by Egypt, 1948.

Alexander I appointed a commission to help improve Jewish life in Russia, 1802.

Casimir III of Poland renews Jewish privileges, 1334.

October 11

180 Jews killed in Munich, 1285.

October 10

Jews of Tunis and Tripoli massacred, 1864.

Sh’chita banned in Italy, 1938.

October 12

First Jewish deportees left Vienna and Bohemia, 1939.

Decorating the outside of a shul was forbidden in Sicily, 1366.

October 13

Jordan entered the Yom Kippur war, 1973.

Eliezer Ben Yehuda and friends decide to speak Hebrew exclusively, marking the beginning of the revival of the language in modern times, 1881.

Censorship of Jewish books in Russia, 1796.