[July 22]

A bill for the emancipation of the Jews of England was passed by the House of Commons, 1833; rejected by the House of Lords until 1845.
The mass transportation of Jews of the Warsaw ghetto was announced, 1942 Deportation began on Leil Tish’a b’Av and continued for 53 days, during which, 300,000 Jews were taken to the killing camps.

[July 23]

Rehovot was attacked by Arabs in 1913.
Jews of Austria were required to take family names, 1787.
Prussian Jewry granted equality, 1847.
The Jews of Wurzburg massacred, 1298.
Arabs took control of most of Eretz Yisrael from the Byzantines, 636.

[July 24]

Russian army liberated Lublin concentration camp, 1944.
The entire Jewish male population of Grodz, Lithuania was killed by the Nazis, 1941.
League of Nations confirmed Britian’s mandate, 1922.
Anti-Jewish riots in Posin, 1716.
Jews of Frankfort killed in the Black Death massacres, 1349.

[July 25]

Mussolini was dismissed from office, 1943.
Sir Moses Montefiore died, 1885.
Jews of Hebron were attacked, 1835.
Jewish community of Vienna was expelled, 1670.

[July 26]

The Inquisition was established by Pope Clement IV, 1267. Last victim of the Inquisition was executed in Valencia, Spain, 1826 – 559 years later, to the day.
Baron Lionel de Rothschild became the first Jew to sit in the British parliament, 1858, after a new oath of office was agreed upon that did not refer to Christianity.
Last Jews left Vienna, Austria following expulsion orders, 1670.
Jews of Rome were forced into a ghetto by order of Pope Paul IV, 1555.

[July 27]

A plane bound for Israel was shot down by Bulgaria, 1955. 58 people were killed.
New Zealand recognized Israel, 1950