Jewish History this Week

[April 8]

Nazis establish Kielce ghetto, 1941

[April 9]

Germany invaded Norway and Denmark, 1940.

[April 10]

The Chumash with Yiddish translation was published in Cremona, Italy, 1570.

[April 11]

Decree ordering the Jews of Barcelona to kneel when meeting a priest with the sacraments, 1302.

Tel Aviv was founded, 1909.

The cornerstone of the Haifa Technion was laid, 1912.

The trial of Adolph Eichmann on charges of genocide opened in Jerusalem, 1961.

[April 12]

30 Jews killed in riots in Cracow, 1464.

U.S. forces liberated Buchenwald with its 20,000 inmates, 1945.

Knesset resolution, 1951, setting 27 Nissan as Yom HaShoah.

[April 13]

Portuguese Marranos who had reverted back to Judaism were burned to death in Acona, Italy, 1556.

[April 14]

The first transport of Jews of Athens, Greece, left for Auschwitz, 1944.