This Week in Jewish History

[April 1]

Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Jerusalem, 1881.

The emergence of the Nazi Party, 1920.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem was opened by Lord Balfour, 1925.

The official Nazi boycott of German Jewish merchants started, 1933.

[April 2]

A number of London Jews were martyred following ritual charges, 1279.

Jews of Genoa, Italy, were expelled, 1550.

Menahem Begin visited Cairo, Egypt, 1979. (First visit by an Israeli Prime Minister to Egypt.)

[April 3]

Emperor Charles V confirmed the privileges of Austrian Jews, 1544.

Israel and Jordan signed an armistice agreement, 1949.

[April 4]

The Russian revolutionary government granted equality to all Russian Jews for the first time in Russian history, 1917.

Arabs killed and wounded many Jews in Jerusalem, 1920.

26 Jews were wounded in Salzburg, Austria, in the first serious outbreak of postwar anti-Semitism, 1951.

[April 5]

Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Seville, Spain, 1464

Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Dabrowa, Poland, 1938.

[April 6]

Jews of Prussia were granted equality, 1848.

Nazis established two ghettos in Radom, Poland, 1941.

The body of Baron Edmond de Rothschild was reinterred in Zichron Yaakov, the wine-producing village which had been established with his help, 1954.

First oil tanker to Eilat arrived with Persian Gulf oil, 1957.

[April 7]

The Dutch West India Co. granted Michael Cardoso the right to practice law in Brazil 1645, a privilege no other Jew enjoyed at that time anywhere else.

First two Nazi anti-Jewish decrees, barring Jews from public service and law, 1933.