Ma Tovu – To worship in Your sanctuary with reverence
(Blessing said when entering a synagogue)


Ma tovu oha-leha yaakov. Mish-k’no-teha yisrael.
Va-ani b’rov has-d’ha, avo vey-teha,
Eshta-ha-veh el heyahl kod-sh’ha b’yira-teha.
Adonai ahavti m’on bey-teha. Um’kom mishkan k’vo-deha.
Va-ani eshta-ha-veh vehara-a.
Ev-r’ha lifney Adonai osi.
Va-ani t’filati l’ha Adonai eyt ratzon.
Elohim b’rov has-deha aneyni be-emet yish-eha.

How goodly are your dwellings, O Jacob,
Your sanctuaries, O Israel.

Thanks to Your abundant kindness, O Lord,
I am able to enter Your house.

To bow down before Your in reverence.
In this sacred place of worship.

Lord, I love to be in Your house,
The sanctuary dedicated to Your glory.

Here I worship in Your presence,
O Lord, my maker.

In kindness, Lord, answer my prayer;
Mercifully, grant me Your abiding help

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